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28th Dec 2015

Don Meers: Director of 'Australien Skies'

This is UFO modPod–a modern introduction to the UFO phenomenon for a new generation. On this episode, Jason McClellan and Ryan Sprague discuss the following current UFO-related news stories: – Jennifer Lawrence is worried about an alien invasion – NASA gets a nice budget increase – Gillian Anderson reiterates her belief in extraterrestrial life The team also looks back in UFO history and provides a brief overview of the Westall UFO Incident. Director Don Meers visits the show to talk about his new UFO documentary film Australien Skies. Learn more about this film at AustralienSkies.com.
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UFO? UAP? WTF? — a UFO podcast
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UFO? UAP? WTF? (formerly UNKNOWN) is a monthly show hosted by veteran UFO researcher and TV personality Jason McClellan. UFOs don't need hype. They're strange enough already. This show presents the UFO subject in an approachable and uncomplicated manner with responsible skepticism and the scientific, journalistic attention it deserves.

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